Anti-Drillers Turn Out in VA to Disrupt Forum on Drilling

Ignorant anti-drillers–typically old hippie retreads and hippie wannabes–seem to derive meaning from their miserable existence by turning up at meetings where drilling will be discussed so they can cause trouble. They don’t listen because their minds are closed. They simply want to be heard. Real communication takes place when there is both a sender and a receiver (Speech 101). Anti-drillers are simply stuck on “sender” mode–they never open up and receive.

A perfect example is a meeting held last week in Virginia. The Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) sponsored a forum in Fredericksburg to look at the issue of whether oil and gas drilling should be allowed on land protected from other development by conservation easements. Shale drilling may soon come to land with easements–easements that otherwise prohibit development but allows drilling–in the Taylorsville Basin, along the eastern/central part of the state around Caroline County, VA (see Fracking Finally on the Way in Virginia? Maybe Yes, Maybe No). The VOF invited Mike Ward, executive director of the Virginia Petroleum Council, to speak and answer questions about potential drilling. In typical fashion, closed-minded anti-drillers turned out to pester Mr. Ward…

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