NJ Congressman Wants Permanent Drilling Ban in Dela. River Basin

U.S. Congressman Rush Holt from New Jersey is, by all accounts, a pretty smart guy. He worked as a nuclear physicist and starred on Jeopardy! (going up against the Watson robot) before joining Congress in 1999. Holt is also an anti-drilling Democrat, apparently under the vise grip of far-left environmentalist organizations. He and his far-out enviro pals (including Sierra Clubers) took the opportunity of last week’s announcement of the new incoming head of the Delaware River Basin Commission (see DRBC Selects Steve Tambini as New Leader, Enviro Groups Unsure) to call for a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin. Oh, and just for good measure, they also want all new shale drilling in the PA and WV to stop immediately, until “someday”…when Holt and his “smart” friends determine whether or not it’s really safe.

If Holt thinks that 60,000+ safely drilled shale wells is not enough proof, maybe Holt, who is (thankfully) not running again this November, is not so smart after all…

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