Peak Oil Theorist Art Berman Says Shale Gas is Peaking Too

What do you call it when your theories are completely, utterly discredited, and yet you continue to put them forward in an attempt to reclaim your notoriety? Determined? Valiant? Desperate? Pig-headed? Pathetic? Perhaps all of the above. Art Berman is famous for peddling the “peak oil” theory that says, dang, the world is almost out of that black gold and ya’ll better think about what’s next cause them fossil fuels are dryin’ up. Then the shale revolution happened. Whoops. That theory went out the door. But not for Art. He’s still a peak oil true believer–a peak oil evangelist. And now he’s back, peddling (don’t laugh)…peak shale gas. Yessiree, if it weren’t for that darned Marcellus, shale gas production would already be headin’ into the crapper, according to Art.

Here’s a sample of Art’s wild yarns, part of an interview with Art posted on the appropriately named Motley Fool website:

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