Anti-Drillers Turn Out to Oppose TGP Pipeline Expansion Across MA

As you may recall, a few weeks ago MDN was a bit dumbfounded that residents of Massachusetts were being so reasonable about the prospect of Kinder Morgan expanding the Tennessee Gas Pipeline across the state to deliver critically needed new supplies of natural gas to New England (see Reaction to TGP’s Planned Pipeline Across Massachusetts). It’s Massachusetts for heaven’s sake! Home of some of the looniest of the loons, lefties of the left. And here they were, being all reasonable. The stars were out of alignment.

It took a little time, but true to expectations, here come the MA nutters out of the woodwork to oppose the pipeline. They’re spitting and sputtering and mouthily proclaiming Kinder Morgan has “no idea who they’re dealing with.” Now THAT’S more like the wacky MA residents we know and love. The stars are now realigned in the eco-nut firmament…

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