Reaction to TGP’s Planned Pipeline Across Massachusetts

For the past month and a half, MDN editor Jim Willis hasn’t seen a day without a story about how natural gas prices have skyrocketed in New England (and even around New York City) because there aren’t enough natgas pipelines to the region. Not enough infrastructure. We find it amusing that the governors of six New England states recently sent a letter to their regional coop asking for help in getting more pipelines to the region (see Blue State Blues: 6 New England States Want New Natgas Pipeline). One of those states–Vermont–passed a law banning fracking (see Vermont Becomes First State to Ban Fracking). And yet Vermont wants that cheap, fracked gas from the Marcellus! How’s that for hypocrisy?

Knowing that New England tilts pretty far to the political left (and is mostly anti-fracking), we found it interesting when we spotted a story about communities in Massachusetts being approached by Kinder Morgan and their Tennessee Gas Pipeline with plans to extend the pipeline through their communities–across the entire state. How will they respond? Mass protests (pun intended)? Keep the evil, fracked gas away? No fracking way jest keep them pipes away? Interestingly, no. The attitude (so far) is more like, let’s find out where you want to run the pipeline and we’re sure we can accommodate it. Wow! What a change in attitude a price hike of $100 per thousand cubic feet of natural gas can create…

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