Marcellus Gas Heading North: Canadian Pipeline Gets “Green” Light

Seems like today is midstream day on MDN. Many of our stories revolve around pipelines and processing plants, including our lead about MarkWest (be sure to give it a read). Here’s an interesting story about a pipeline project in Canada that has a Marcellus tie-in. Enbridge Gas Distribution wants to expand their natural gas pipeline in the Toronto area, spending upward of C$686 million to do it. The “greens” of Canada (garden variety fossil fuel-hating anti-drillers) objected. The greens’ objection #1: If we just turn our thermostats down low, we won’t need the extra gas. The Ontario Energy Board said: Nope. Not buying that one. Objection #2: This pipeline will bring in that evil, nasty, fracked Marcellus Shale gas and kill us all because it pollutes water (in the U.S.) and releases fugitive methane into the atmosphere (global warming, heeelp!). Again, the Ontario Energy board said: Nope. Not buying that one either.

Below is the full story about the pipeline. Embedded in it is the response by the calm, wise heads from the Ontario Energy Board to the greens, responding to them on the shale gas issue:

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