Russia, Obama, Europe and Marcellus Shale Gas – They are Related

In a move sure to tick off those on the anti-fossil fuel loony left, yesterday President Obama and members of the European Union issued a joint statement from an economic summit in Brussels, Belgium in which they say (our words): Bring on the LNG exports from the USA! It’s an important signal from Obama that his administration may speed up approvals for facilities that want to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe and beyond–partially in an effort to weaken Russia’s influence in the region. Europe currently gets 40% of their natural gas from Russia–so if Putin decides to turn off the spigot (as he’s done in the past with Poland and the Ukraine), it can have catastrophic consequences. Europe, and now apparently Obama, are ready to use American shale gas to reduce and even replace gas from Russia.

Even a dolt like Obama is bound to get something right at some point–so let’s give some credit where it’s due. His administration recently approved the Cove Point, Maryland LNG export facility that is being built by Dominion. When it’s operational (2015?) Marcellus Shale gas will be going to India and Japan. More export facilities are waiting to be approved that will move Marcellus and other shale play gas to other countries. Hopefully this new-found interest from the EU will encourage Obama to get on the stick and approve those facilities. Below is the joint statement between the U.S. and the EU, along with an article from The Hill highlighting LNG exports from the good ole US of A…

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