8 Servile Congressman Obey Anti-Fracking Masters, Sign Ltr to EPA

Here we go again. Out of ideas and running out of money, a bunch of loony toon organizations like 350.org and the odious Food & Water Watch need a new fundraiser. What to do…what to do? We know! Get a few anti-drilling lackeys Congressman (every one of the a Democrat) on your political contribution payroll to sign a letter to the EPA asking them to re-open three cases both the EPA and state agencies have already investigated to death for years: Dimock (PA), Pavillion (WY) and Parker County (TX). Make some more wild claims that fracking pollutes water supplies–even though it doesn’t. And, voilĂ ! A new fundraising campaign is born.

And so the brain trust at Americans Against Fracking (AAF) has done just that. So worn out and bankrupt for new ideas, AAF has to pathetically, once again, attempt to make an issue of a dead issue. Here’s the latest fundraiser from enviro-snobs at AAF, along with the political patronage letter to the EPA obediently signed by eight servile Democrat Congressmen:

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