CA Anti-Driller Tom Steyer Purchasing Tom Wolf PA Governorship

money for votesLooks like newly-minted Pennsylvania Democrat candidate for governor, Tom Wolf (who is a multi-millionaire), has signed up to be the political b*tch for Tom Steyer from California (a multi-billionaire). How else would you describe it when Steyer has pledged $100 million to fund three gubernatorial and four Senate races (all Democrats)–one of which is the governor’s race in PA? That’s $14.3 million for Wolf if the $100 million pot of Steyer’s gold is split evenly. If Wolf wins, he’ll be owned lock, stock and by the short hairs by Steyer–in office to do Steyer’s bidding. The reason Steyer is willing to buy Wolf an election in PA? Steyer hates fossil fuels. Surprised?…

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