New Green Investors Stock Index Rejects NatGas

The silly fools who are today’s modern “environmentalist” movement are so convinced that carbon–the stuff you breathe out with every breath–is going to “pollute” precious Mother Earth–they’re demanding investors not put their money into “dirty” fossil fuels anymore. Hey stupid people–why don’t you purge your own bodies of carbon if it’s that bad? Oh that’s right–you won’t do it because carbon is the second most prevalent element that makes up 18% of the human body and you would kill yourselves. Maybe there’s an opportunity for a carbon-purging salon, kind of like a tanning salon except it removes carbon from the body to help out ole Mother Earth. But we digress…

The Natural Resources Defense Council along with huge asset management company BlackRock (who famously fired the world’s best-ever mutual fund manager for their own stupidity, see BlackRock’s Screw-up with Dan Rice & Rice Energy), are creating a new stock index with FTSE Group. The new index will be for “climate-minded investors,” ya know. Oh, and because natural gas belongs to the wrong clique (the dirty fossil fuel gang from across the tracks), natgas isn’t allowed in the new green investors index. Whatever.

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