Wetlands Banking Comes to PA – No, It’s Not a Savings & Loan

At some time in the past 25 years, radical environmentalists succeeded in renaming swamps to “wetlands,” thereby re-casting the debate over whether it’s OK to build something on, in or under them. In other words, environmentalists made it really hard to drain a swamp, giving rise to things like mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus. But we digress. Although this will sound rather bizarre, there is a new program alive in Pennsylvania whereby companies that want to, say, dig up a wetland to lay a natural gas pipeline, can buy credits to do so. What kind of credits and how?

Companies may now buy credits that create swamps, er wetlands, in other areas. That is, as long as the net amount of wetland acreage remains the same, the federal fascist bureaucracy is happy. (We know! Don’t bother will silly logic. Don’t ask questions like, “What happened when Indians ruled North America and nature created and destroyed swamps all on her own? Was there anyone around to ensure Mother Nature didn’t screw herself?”) Here’s the (to us) funny and bizarre story of what’s called “mitigation banking,” sometimes referred to as “wetlands banking”…

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