Brave PA House Republicans Propose Budget with No Severance Tax

Why is it Democrats demand that Republicans cave on their principles and move in their direction and if they don’t, they holler and scream “you’re not being bipartisan!”? But when Republicans ask Democrats to be reasonable and move an inch in their direction, the Dems never do and yet the word “bipartisan” and lack of it is never uttered by the Democrat-controlled media? We’re speaking of the heated budget debate in Pennsylvania where Democrats are demanding a single industry–shale drilling–be taxed into oblivion in order to feed the hungry Democrat political machine that needs ever more money to spread around. To their credit, PA’s House Republicans have “laid their cards on the table” in the budget debate. They’ve done the hard work and have trimmed the budget–just a small bit off a $29.1 BILLION budget–and every single Democrat in very partisan fashion voted against the plan. Every-single-one…

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