MSC Launches Study on Water Sample Testing & Standards

It’s relatively easy for so-called researchers with an agenda (and backed by Park Foundation money), to manufacture “proof” that shale drilling is evil and harms the environment. Duke University seems to be one hotbed of such so-called research (see Duke Study #2: Drilling Causes Methane Migration in Water Wells?). Cornell University is another Park Foundation funded source of so-called research (see Devastating Critique of New Ingraffea/Howarth Methane Study by EID). Much of that so-called research claims when shale drilling arrives, it causes methane to migrate into nearby water wells. That evil ole methane just can’t help itself! The highly respected trade organization, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC), is tired of waiting for the EPA and others to develop standards that can be used when determining whether or not methane in water was caused by drilling–or far more likely–was there all along…

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