PA AG Casts Doubt on DEP’s Response to Water Complaints in New ‘Guide’

As MDN reported in July, Pennsylvania’s sleazy Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale (Democrat) went on a two-year witch hunt to find any little dust bunny he could to denigrate another state agency, the Dept. of Environmental Protection (see Anti-Drilling PA Auditor General Criticizes DEP in “Report”). As we stated at the time, many of the things he criticized the DEP about occurred under the watch of Democrat Gov. Ed Rendel and then-Sec. of the DEP John Hanger. But that doesn’t stop anti-drilling “reporters” like the PBS smearmeisters at StateImpact Pennsylvania from using the report to knock the DEP one more time. DePasquale is back with another a so-called “Citizen’s Guide” to shale gas development (copy below). In the latest anti-drilling propaganda issued by DePasquale using taxpayer’s money and on Auditor General letterhead, DePasquale outrageously implies that the DEP is untrustworthy and that the DEP website may contain information that’s not accurate…

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