Pro-Drilling New Yorkers Protest Gov. Cuomo During State of State

You want to know how biased local liberal media can be? Get this: Yesterday, on the day that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his Santa Claus impersonation, er, State of the State address, more than 70 pro-drillers gathered outside the State Office Building in downtown Binghamton, NY for an hour during the middle of the work day to protest Gov. Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking. The only daily newspaper in Broome County, the local newspaper of record, the Press & Sun-Bulletin–didn’t carry a single word about the protest. Not one word. That’s how biased (and frankly censored) the Press & Sun-Bulletin is. Fortunately, three local television stations did cover the protest. The “new news” from the protest, aside from the fact that 70+ people took time out of their busy work days (yes, pro-drillers actually have jobs and pay taxes, unlike anti-drillers), is that the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) is actively pursuing “options” to have the federal government intervene in New York’s frack ban. This issue is FAR from over–our side has just begun to fight…

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