Chesapeake’s PA Royalty Settlement Affects Some, Not All Landowners

In December MDN told you about a settlement between “several thousand” Pennsylvania landowners and Chesapeake over the royalty issue–Chessy deducting post-production payments by pipeline companies in what some call a scam that leaves landowners signed with Chesapeake receiving royalty checks that are pennies on the dollar compared to what they should receive. The new settlement for those “several thousand” would be 2/3 of $11 million, after the lawyers get their 1/3 cut (see Chesapeake & PA Landowners Settle Royalty Lawsuit…Again). However, not all PA landowners leased with Chesapeake are happy about it. Two other, separate lawsuits against Chesapeake are proceeding and, according to attorneys, the settlement will not affect these separate lawsuits which are proceeding, unless the leases have a “market enhancement” clause…

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