NY Town Hopes to Attract Drillers Using Low Volume Fracking

A story about fracking in New York first caught our eye because it’s one of the only (perhaps the only) mainstream media story to admit that fracking has been and still is happening in New York State. If you’ve read MDN for any length of time you know we’ve been pointing that out until we’re blue in the face. Let us say it again: Fracking using low volumes of water (under 75,000 gallons) has been and continues to be used in New York State. Mainstream media outlets apparently have a news blackout on that score–which leads anti-drillers to believe there is no fracking in NY and that Cuomo’s recent decision will keep it that way. Sorry Charlie (and Bill, and Sandra, and Chip)…that’s just not the truth. Once we read more, it was apparent that the bigger story (the story within the story) is what’s happening in the Town of Windsor, NY–where MDN HQ is located, where the temperature this morning was 0! Windsor is actively looking at the possibility of attracting drillers who may want to use low-volume fracking, or even no fracking, to drill gas wells in the town…

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