Bumper Sticker: Ban Food & Water Watch Now

Ban Food & Water Watch Now. That’s the bumper sticker we think people should put on their vehicles to express displeasure with the lies peddled by this un-American organization. Big Green organizations like the Park Foundation and the William Penn Foundation fund the activities of Food & Water Watch and other virulently anti-drilling organizations (including the Sierra Clubbers). In turn, these partisan hacks peddle lies at public meetings, and use money from their Big Green benefactors to launch frivolous lawsuits that slow down and in some cases stop shale drilling and pipeline projects. We think they should be stopped. They should be banned. What? “That’s outrageous! They have a right to express themselves!” So too, do pro-drillers. We have as much right to demand that THEIR organization be banned as they have to demand that fracking and pipelines (and all of the jobs and economic benefits that come from it) be banned. We’re simply putting the shoe on the other foot to see how they like wearing it. At a minimum, the IRS needs to investigate their tax exempt status with an eye to revoking it…

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