Antis Hate Marcellus Shale Drilling…Because of Richard Nixon?!

Richard NixonOne of the most hated politicians (for the liberal left) in all of American history was Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of these United States. Which is ironic, because it was Nixon who created the blight on America we have today known as the Environmental Protection Agency–one of the libs’ favorite government agencies. Anywho, imagine our delight when we read this headline from a letter to the editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale fulfills President Nixon’s dream of energy independence.” The letter (full copy below) is written by MDN friend Joe Massaro from Energy in Depth. It got us to thinking, maybe the libs hate Marcellus Shale drilling not only because they consider it a crime against Mother Earth, with so-called global warming, but maybe they instinctively hate it because they hate Richard Nixon! Yeah! Libs don’t have to make sense (they rarely do)–and this explanation is as good as any, right? Read on to see how our buddy Joe found yet another liberal sore spot–associating Marcellus drilling with Richard Nixon–and jammed his foot on it…

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