PA Gov Wolf Tax Package (Incl Severance Tax) Voted Down 193-0

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a slew of new taxes as part of his proposed budget. Yes, there’s a 15% (or according to his own government advisers, 17.3%) severance tax in the package of tax increases Wolf wants. But there are a number of other taxes the PA Democrat governor, who took office in January, wants as well. When you add it all up, its over $12 billion in new economy-crushing taxes. So the Republicans running the PA House held a vote yesterday on the entire package of Wolf’s tax proposals. In other words, do you really want this? Is this the way to go? The vote was taken, and every single House member, all 193 of them–Republicans and Democrats–voted against Wolf’s tax proposals. Wolf called the vote a “stunt” and said, “This is the kind of gamesmanship that we were not sent here to play.” Er, did we miss something? YOU wanted all of these new taxes Gov. Wolf. So when YOUR taxes were voted on–all together in one package–you didn’t want it after all? Did you have a change of heart? Why did you propose those taxes if you didn’t want them voted on? This is the kind of gamesmanship we’ve come to expect from the Democrats in the Keystone State. The kind of political “stunts” they play. When the Democrats’¬†enormous appetite for taxing and spending is exposed and brought out into the open, they run away…

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