“Researchers” Take to the Sky to Locate Marcellus Methane Leaks

Tower: “Global Warming Nutjob One–you’re cleared for takeoff on runway three.” GWNO: “Roger. Global Warming Nutjob One is taxiing and will takeoff from runway three. Have a nice, carbon-free day Tower.” Tower: “Er, thanks, we think.” As the Twin Otter airplane takes off into the sunrise, it burns copious amounts of fossil fuels and belches carbon like a dragon as it heads off to monitor whether a teeny tiny amount of methane (natural gas) is leaking from Marcellus Shale drilling sites. Anyone else see the irony here? The Philadelphia Inquirer has written an (article? propaganda piece? promotional advertisement?) about a “research” project under way between Penn State, University of Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to fly over Marcellus Shale drill sites in Pennsylvania to see if they can catch drillers in the act of leaking methane…

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