Philly Rags Continue to Blame Marcellus Drillers for Late PA Budget

Once again the Philadelphia Inquirer and its Daily News subsidiary show why their circulation numbers (and profits) continue to plummet: Because they are nothing more than a Democrat house organ propaganda outlet. They don’t report news–they manufacture and repeat, endlessly, Dem lies. Note the latest “editorial” written by the same people who supposedly report the news in what has become a Democrat rag. The editorial, reproduced below, blames the budget stalemate in the Pennsylvania on Republicans because Republicans are supposedly in the back pocket of Marcellus big oil and gas companies. The self-righteous and pure as the wind-driven snow Democrats only want all remaining profits from Marcellus Shale drilling for the chil’ren (those evil, nasty, vile big oil and gas companies, anyway). Of course the editorial says NOTHING about Democrat lust and desire for OPM–other people’s money–to fund Big Education and to repay Tom Wolf’s election debt to teachers’ unions. Nope, not a word. And that’s why rags like the Philly Inquirer and crashing and burning…

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