ACLU Asks County Judge to Toss Lawsuit Against Litigious Martians

My Favorite MartianIt seems anti-drillers love to launch lawsuits, but when the shoe is applied to the other foot and lawsuits are filed against them, they don’t like it so much. Hypocrites. A small group of anti-drilling parents in the Mars School District in Middlesex Township (Butler County), PA–folks we call Martians–want to prevent the legal, legitimate, and now fully permitted right of Rex Energy to drill a few Marcellus Shale wells three-fourths of a mile away from the Mars School. We’ve long chronicled this battle (see MDN’s list of Mars School stories). Four local Middlesex residents used two non-profit, tax-exempt groups from the opposite side of PA, backed by Big Green money–THE Delaware Riverkeeper and the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council–to file a lawsuit against the little town of Middlesex to stop any kind of drilling, a move that has so far cost local taxpayers over $35,000 in legal defense fees (see Dela. RiverKeeper, Clean Air Council Cost Middlesex Residents $35K+). So a group of 12 Middlesex landowners and a business launched their own lawsuit against the two Big Green groups and the four local residents claiming (rightly) that they are being economically harmed (see Shoe Now on Other Foot: Landowners Sue Martian Anti-Drillers). What do the anti-drilling parents and Big Green groups do? They go crying like little girls to the anti-American ACLU for help. The ACLU is asking a Butler County court judge to dismiss the lawsuit against the litigious anti-drillers ’cause they don’t like being sued. Seems it doesn’t feel too good when the shoe is on the other foot…

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