Wolf Floats Trial Balloon of 3.2% Severance Tax via Proxies

trial balloonA Pennsylvania Democrat in Republican clothing, Gene DiGirolamo (“Republican” House member from the Philadelphia area), along with a hard-left Democrat, Steve Stroman (director of Penn’s Woods Conservation Advocates), have penned a “bipartisan” column in the Harrisburg Patriot-News on how a “principled” and “reasonable” severance tax compromise will create education nirvana in Pennsylvania. The column is so shot full of lies we can’t even begin to count them. This is pure propaganda from two lefties who want to tax and spend PA into the ground once again, as it existed under Ed Rendell before Tom Corbett fixed it by cutting excessive and out-of-control education spending. Our pair of lefties say just a piddly little 3.2% severance tax will be all that’s required–even though until now nothing less than 5% (actually it turns out to be 17.3%, see PA Official Admits Wolf Severance Tax Highest in Nation @ 17.3%) is what these thieves have demanded. Their attitude is, “OK, you’ve made your point, NOW we’ll cave a little bit.” The proper response to DiGirolamo and Stroman, who appear to be Gov. Wolf’s proxies in floating this particular trial balloon, is this: STUFF IT…

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