Anti-Fossil Fuelers Disrupt Shale Event, Won’t Listen to Science

fingers in earsWhat is it about some anti-drillers (actually, anti-fossil fuelers) that makes them closed-minded and unreasonable? A Colorado research chemist and two technology students from Singapore set out to answer the question of whether or not shale oil should be produced. All three attended a 10-week intensive course focusing on Utah’s vast oil reserves (no, this story is not about the Marcellus/Utica per se, but it is illustrative nonetheless). Although the three had intended on submitting a research paper at the 35th Annual Oil Shale Symposium being held yesterday and today in Salt Lake City, the research paper ended up being a 116-page e-book they’re selling on Amazon, called “Oil Shale: Treasure Trove or Pandora’s Box.” The authors, with no preconceived outcome before taking the 10-week course, objectively conclude that extracting shale oil in Utah or other locations “is not going to be some sort of environmental Armageddon. That is not true.” Protesters at the event, however, don’t want to hear reasonable talk. A group of anti-fossil fuelers, rather than sit and listen to the evidence and keep and open mind, rose during the event–a private (not public) event–and illegally disrupted the event with chanting and singing. Yep, stick you fingers in your ears and holler “la la la la, I can’t hear you!” instead of open your mind and use your little gray cells to try and comprehend the miracle that is fracking and the miracle that is fossil fuel energy…

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