Anti Groups Try to Convince EPA They Got it Wrong with Water Study

wrongHoping to get one more squeeze and a few more drops of juice out of news that’s now years old, the odious Earthworks and equally odious Food & Water Watch organized a protest rally in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and trotted out the same old tired, lying anti-drillers from Dimock, PA, Pavillion, WY and Parker County, TX to “demand” that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) simply dump the findings of their four-year study that concluded fracking doesn’t pollute water supplies (see EPA Draft Report Says Fracking Doesn’t Pollute Groundwater Supplies). Anti-fossil fuel organizations like Earthworks and FWW about had a conniption fit when the EPA announced that after turning over every stone, pebble and spec of sand, they couldn’t find proof that fracking contaminates groundwater supplies. So the only thing they could do was to condemn the EPA. But therein lies the problem–because the EPA colludes with these same groups on sue-and-settle court cases all the time. They’re friends. They’re buddies. So falling out with the EPA leads to being conflicted. The planets are not properly aligned. How to resolve it? Convince the EPA with protests and pressure that they were wrong. They did it wrong. They ignored some of their own research and reseachers and came to the wrong conclusion. “Just admit you were wrong and everything will be OK. We’ll forgive you.” That’s what the “rally” was about on Wednesday in DC…

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