Syracuse U Prof to Discuss Fracking Research on Sun, Oct 18

on the airThe Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) and JLC United will air another live session of the Good News Table Talk Radio Show on Sunday, Oct. 18 from 7-8 pm on WNBF Radio 1290 in Binghamton (listen online at: Bob Williams, JLCNY Vice President and an environmental consultant with over 40 years experience, along with JLCNY board member Rob Rano, will interview and chat with acclaimed Syracuse University Earth Science professor, Dr. Donald I. Siegel. Dr. Siegel is the lead author of a Syracuse University study published earlier this year that found, after evaluating data from over 11,000 well water tests (34,000 samples) in Pennsylvania, that a water well’s proximity to fracking operations has no bearing on whether or not methane is found in that water well. In other words, fracking does not cause methane migration into water wells (see Syracuse U Study: Fracking Doesn’t Cause Methane in PA Water Wells). Radicalized environmentalists immediately launched a smear campaign and personal attack against Dr. Siegel (see Syracuse Prof Targeted in Effort to Discredit Drilling Research). Dr. Siegel has just published a second study based on a huge dataset that covers not only PA, but OH and WV. This new study finds in comparing pre- and post-drilling samples that the quality of water in private wells is the same after shale wells are drilled nearby as it was before the drilling began. Tune in to hear Dr. Siegel discuss real science and the proposed Crestwood propane/methane storage facility at Seneca Lake, water quality, methane migration, fracking fluids, and Dimock, PA…

What: JLC United Good News Table Talk RADIO SHOW

Where: WNBF radio 1290 on the AM dial or listen on your computer at

When: October 18, 2015 from 7 – 8 PM

Featured Guest

Dr. Donald I. Siegel, is the Jessie Page Heroy professor and department chair of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University. He has worked at Syracuse University since 1982 and currently teaches elementary and graduate level courses in Earth Science, groundwater movement, and the fate of contaminants in groundwater. Among the many accomplishments, Dr. Siegel has served as a member on numerous panels at the National Academy of Science and chaired the National Research Council Water and Technology Board.

Discussion Topics

The New York Dept. of Environmental Conversation (DEC) controls propane storage. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) controls methane storage. Dr. Siegel discusses the Crestwood propane storage facility at Seneca Lake, why the project is delayed after receiving approval from FERC for methane storage, the safety and integrity of the salt caverns, and misinformation regarding this project.

Dr. Siegel will also discuss his water quality study done in Pennsylvania, examining methane migration and fracking fluids. Dr. Siegel’s study drew from the largest total data set he had ever seen with 34,000 samples, equivalent to the entire population of three rural Pennsylvania counties.

Dr. Siegel will also discuss the broken peer review process and the unethical misinformation about water quality used as a scare tactic.

Don’t miss hearing the latest information from one of the leading hydrologists today.