Antis Use Radiation Fears to Oppose Drilling in Wayne Natl Forest

You just have to shake your head. We’ve heard just about every anti-drilling objection a thousand times before, but it never ceases to amaze us how objections get recycled. And every last one is a ruse–meant to distract from the real issue, which is anti-drillers believe in the global warming myth and THAT is the REAL reason they oppose drilling. They don’t/can’t object to drilling for reasons like fracking contaminates water supplies (it doesn’t), or because it causes earthquakes (it doesn’t), or because it releases enough radon to give you cancer (it doesn’t). That last one is the latest objection anti-drillers who live in or near the Wayne National Forest in Ohio are using to try and scare people into support a ban on fracking in the Forest. We’ve been hearing that canard since 2012 (see The Latest Anti-Drilling Scare Tactic: Radon in Shale Gas). The thing about radon, an isotope of radium, is that it’s naturally occurring and found just about everywhere in the northeast–and people aren’t dropping like flies. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey did a study and found both methane and radon in the water supplies in Pike County, PA–where there IS NO shale drilling (see USGS Study: Pike County Water has Methane, Radon – No Drilling). How do you mitigate radon if you have it in your basement? You vent it to the air where it become inert! But facts haven’t stopped the nutters from coming out of the woodwork in Ohio to claim radium/radon is going to kill everyone if fracking is allowed in the Wayne National Forest…

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