Hydropower Not “Green Enough” for Wacko Environmentalists

Apparently wacko environmentalists don’t oppose just fossil fuels (including natural gas) because fossil fuels will “suppress” the growth of so-called renewables. Sometimes wacko environmentalists oppose their own precious renewable sources of energy. Self-loathing? Perhaps. Get this: Some enviros in New England are opposing hydropower that comes from Canada into New England because it comes via high-power transmission lines that don’t look pretty, and because (yes) it may mean other “favored” forms of so-called renewables, like ugly wind farms and unreliable solar, won’t develop as quickly. Hydro will stunt their growth. It’s silly and it’s sad–kind of like parents who favor one child over another. We bring you the story below for two reasons: (1) To point out the irrational, unreasoning and childish behavior of these so-called green supporters, and (2) to illustrate the folly of choosing which forms of energy people should/should not have the right to use. These wacko environmentalists think they’re smarter than you and know which forms of energy you should allow in your life…

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