The Right Road to Clean Power: Free Market & NatGas

Whenever government gets involved with choosing the form of energy you should use–they screw it up. The utopian Obama Admnistration believes the lie that government knows best–that they are the smartest people in the room and therefore should tell you that coal is evil, solar and wind are good, and they want to force you to change how you get your energy. One of their arguments is too much carbon in the atmosphere comes from burning coal–and natural gas. The Obama Administration is attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris hellbent on forcing Americans to give up national sovereignty in the name of mythical global warming. Thing is, the free market (capitalism) always produces a better result than the cockamamie theories of egg-headed liberals like Obama and his ilk. Carbon emissions in the United States, unlike other countries of the world, has gone DOWN, not up. And it’s gone down bigtime. America’s shrinking carbon footprint is thanks to a change to natural gas–not in so-called renewables. Want proof? We have it…

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