, Others Run 3 Yr-Old New York Frack Study as New News

We found this one kind of amusing, and instructive, illustrating how anti-drillers unthinkingly get their “news.” On September 26, 2012 (yes, over three years ago) Syracuse University issued a press release about a program begun earlier in 2012 called Project SWIFT (Shale-Water Interaction Forensic Tools). The aim of the research project was to baseline test water wells for homeowners in New York State so when/if fracking arrives, there is solid scientific evidence for the condition of water before and then after fracking. The study also, as it turns out, innovated a few new techniques, including a method to measure salinity in water, the use of iodine as a tracer when testing, etc. Here’s the thing–the study was concluded in 2014 and of course in 2014 Gov. Cuomo banned fracking for the foreseeable future in the Empire State. So it’s all over and done with. No need for more testing. The project ran its course. But what’s this? Several authoritative “science” sites all of a sudden re-ran the original Syracuse University press release about Project SWFIT–with this week’s date on it! Word for word, same press release as 3+ years ago–slapping a new date from this week on it. One of the sites was EurekAlert!. Another was Their postings created a cascading or domino effect with a number of enviro sites picking it up and running it as new news. Egg on face anyone?…

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