Big Green Groups Funding Fayette County, WV Ban Lawsuit

The people behind Big Green groups are nasty people. They are, according to one source we have communicated with, “terrorizing” legitimate oil and gas businesses in Fayette County, WV. We’ve highlighted the ongoing story of three liberal Democrat county commissioners who decided to ban not only injection wells, but over 500 conventional oil and gas wells currently operating in Fayette County, WV (see Anti Admits Fayette County, WV Ban Aims to Shut Down All O&G Wells). The ban was intentionally written so broadly (by Big Green groups assisting the county) it not only bans injection wells, like those operated by Danny Web Construction and EQT, but it will also ban currently operational oil and gas wells. It is an outrageous offense and “taking” of private property, violating the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. EQT and Danny Web have sued the county and a federal judge slapped an injunction on the county’s ban (see Judge Stops WV County from Enforcing Injection Well Ban, For Now). You can add another outrage to the situation. The county will be represented in the lawsuit against them by several Big Green groups, groups with deep pockets and armies of lawyers, for FREE. It is a clear conflict of interest and should not be allowed. Members of these groups are responsible for falsely calling in claims of spills that never happened, making false claims alleging toxins in streams that don’t exist, etc. These groups have perpetuated smear campaigns against legitimate o&g businesses–ruining reputations. And now they will be allowed to use their enormous financial resources to defend the county in this lawsuit? Sick…

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