PA Republicans Commit Adultery with Severance Tax – Again

What is it with Republicans in Pennsylvania? They’ve just won a major victory by not putting a bullet in the head of the Marcellus Shale industry, i.e. by not implementing Gov. Tom Wolf’s horrible idea of a severance tax. Major victory. But then they return to a severance tax like a cheating spouse who is serially unfaithful. Some Pennsylvania “Republicans” in the state legislature are once again committing adultery with a Marcellus-killing severance tax plan–the day before Wolf re-introduces such a losing plan for a second year in a row. The PA House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee held an informational meeting yesterday to consider two Republican-backed severance tax bills. One bill is being floated by Rep. Kate Harper, RINO-Montgomery County, the other by Rep. Scott Petri, RINO-Bucks County. Notice both RINOs are from the Philly vicinity, which is where most of the nonsense typically comes from. Even House Majority Leader David Reed, R-Indiana County, seems to be going squishy. His mouthpiece said, “It’s just prudent to kind of go through these bills and see what they do.” We disagree. The chairman of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, Rep. John Maher, RINO-Allegheny County, is a sellout too, saying: “I think that there are many people who are open to the idea of a properly crafted severance tax.” With “Republicans” like these, who needs Democrats?…

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