Corrupt NY Gov. Cuomo Pushes Fields of Ugly Solar Panels in Upstate

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is as corrupt a politician as they come. He single handedly stopped the safest, cleanest form of energy from taking root in upstate New York–shale gas extraction. In shale gas extraction, once the drilling is done and pipelines are installed–you don’t notice anything. There is no lasting effect. The grass and trees grow back. The “wound” in the ground is healed. There’s a small wellhead that sticks a up a few feet from the ground that can’t be seen from 200 feet away and that’s about it. Instead of allowing minimally invasive shale drilling, Cuomo is now pushing upstate farmers to agree to installing 30+ acre fields with solar panels that blemish the landscape for 30 years or more and kills birds stupid enough to fly directly over it. Cuomo pretends so-called “renewable” energy–like solar–has no side affects. FALSE. Solar has its negatives, just like every form of energy. One of solar’s negatives is that it destroys the landscape on which it sits–making it unusable for anything else and an eyesore that can be seen for miles. Solar is the opposite of shale energy, which allows farmers to plant fields and use their land–even over top of buried pipelines. Farmers can’t use their fields with solar panels sitting on them. This is how corruption works in New York State…

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