U of California Carbon Crazies Fret over Burning NatGas

The carbon nutjobs at the University of California are on the horns of a dilemma. They want to be “carbon neutral” by 2025. They can get plenty of high cost electricity from solar and wind producers–no problem. But four of its 10 campuses and one of its five medical centers run on big cogeneration plants, which produce electricity and use the excess heat to supply campus heating and cooling. And the plants are powered by (gasp) natural gas. What is a carbon-allergic nutter to do? They can’t just shut down those facilities! Or can they? We don’t put it beyond these idiots to consider such a scenario–so deluded are they with global warming flummery. Of course they overlook an even bigger source of carbon production on their campuses–all of those vile, nasty humans running around exhaling carbon dioxide with every breath. If they eliminate the humans, they can then eliminate the power plants. Problem solved!…

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