Wind Turbines Killing Bats by the Millions – Shut Them All Down?

We’ve said this many times before: Every single energy source has its positives and its negatives. Even so-called renewable energy sources are not perfect. Take wind energy, for example. Today we ran a story from the EIA that points out the #1 source of new electric generating capacity in the U.S. in 2015 was from wind (see Which Energy Source Added the Most Electric Generation in 2015?). Cool. We like wind. We like solar. We like natural gas. We say, let the free market determine the best energy source–not some sniveling climate changer who thinks he or she knows best which energy source you should use. We find it kind of humorous that fossil fuel haters who promote renewables like wind as the perfect solution tend to gloss over some huge negatives. For example, Dominion recently changed the route of a natural gas pipeline in order to avoid killing a threatened species of salamanders (see Dominion Files Pipeline Route Change to Avoid Salamanders, Swamp). The change was demanded by Big Green proponents. Yet windmills each year are killing millions of bats–some of them endangered species–and we don’t hear a PEEP from Big Greeners. Why is that? Are they now in the business of picking favorite mammals? They like salamanders but hate bats? Are they bat bigots? Here’s the story of how giant windmills are killing literally millions of bats around the world–and some of the bat species being killed are threatened…

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