Which Energy Source Added the Most Electric Generation in 2015?

Question: Which power source added the most megawatts of electric generating capacity in 2015? If you answered, “Natural Gas!”, you would be wrong. The #1 source of new electric generation last year was wind. The #2 source last year was natural gas. And the #3 source of new electric power last year was solar. Important distinction: This is new capacity added. If you look at how much electricity is today produced by each source, natural gas is #1 at around 33%, coal is #2 at around 32%. Down at the bottom are sources like wind, which produces around 5% of our total electricity needs, and solar producing about 1%. So while the headlines may read that wind was #1 in new electric capacity last year, put into context, it’s a thimbleful compared to natural gas and coal–evil fossil fuels. Which is why it’s folly to think that so-called renewables will replace fossil fuels within the next two generations. Ain’t gonna happen. Here’s the EIA’s report on new electric capacity coming online in 2015…

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