Coverup & Collusion: NY AG Tried to Conceal Role of Antis re Exxon

Eric-Schneiderman.jpgIs this the smoking gun that proves collusion and corruption between Democrat New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and radical Big Green groups? In March, AG Schneiderman and a handful of other Democrat Attorneys General, along with climate huckster Al Gore, gathered in New York City to discuss a coordinated legal attack against oil and gas companies (see Climate Change Hucksters, Incl. NY AG & Al Gore, Threaten O&G). MDN has been shouting since last year that Schneiderman, himself a corrupt politician occupying the state’s highest legal office, has begun a witch hunt targeting companies like ExxonMobil, a company Schneiderman has slated for trial and execution (see NY AG Targets/Accuses ExxonMobil of Lying about ‘Climate Change’ and NY AG Schneiderman Launches the Climate Witch Trials). It’s obscene and beyond words. Schneiderman wants to prosecute legitimate corporations for not publicly saying “I believe in man-made global warming.” Back to the NYC meeting a couple of weeks ago. At that meeting was Matt Pawa, a Massachusetts lawyer and radical “green” who launches lawsuit after lawsuit on climate change (what a stupid phrase, of course the climate changes!). AG Schneiderman’s office asked Pawa to keep his participation in the March meeting in NYC a secret. We have it in an email. Can anyone say cover up? Collusion? Fraud? Corruption?…

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