ecorpStim Successfully Fracks PA Marcellus Well Using Baby Oil

baby oilEvery now and again eCORP Stimulation Technologies, or “ecorpStim” as they are known, reappears with a press release to announce they’re still around. The last such time MDN covered the company was in July 2014 (see ecorpStim Says New Manufacturing Process Lowers Non-Water Frack Cost). ecorpStim’s technology uses non-flammable liquefied propane as the fluid for fracking. It has the benefit of turning back into a gas and coming back out of the hole–captured and sold at a profit (or captured and re-used). One issue is, of course, the cost–although ecorpStim says they have worked hard to lower the cost. Another issue is potential flammability. However, last year ecorpStim began experimenting with “light alkanes” as an alternative fluid for fracking. In everyday language, light alkanes are “baby oil.” A big plus with using baby oil is that it’s nonflammable. It’s also safe for human ingestion and totally safe for the environment. ecorpStim released an announcement yesterday to say they have successfully fracked a Marcellus Shale well in Fayette County, PA using their new baby oil process…

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