Enviro Nazis File Lawsuit to “Force” EPA to End Injection Wells

lawsuitA group of radical/leftist environmental groups have just launched their latest “sue and settle” case against the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For a description of the despicable practice of sue and settle, where our own government colludes with these groups in a faux lawsuit which “forces” an agency to do what it wanted to do but couldn’t otherwise under existing laws, see this MDN story: Environmentalists & Government Collude in “Sue and Settle” Cases. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the worst of the worst, is working with Environmental Integrity Project, Earthworks, Responsible Drilling Alliance, San Juan Citizens Alliance, West Virginia Surface Owners’ Rights Organization, and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice in filing a lawsuit against the EPA to “force” the EPA to stop the practice of disposing of frack wastewater via injection wells. If you can’t get rid of the wastewater, you can’t drill–which is the purpose of this latest assault on freedom and free enterprise in the U.S. These commie dirtbag pinkos (yes, we’ll tell you what we REALLY think!) are working WITH the EPA to grant the EPA sweeping new powers, via judicial decree, to shut down the oil and gas industry. This must stop…

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