PennEast Responds to Sham NJ Lawsuit Re Surveying w/o Permission

PennEast Pipeline Route Map
PennEast Pipeline Route Map – click image for larger version

A couple of radical anti-fossil fuel groups, aided and abetted by a few landowners (members of said groups) have filed a frivolous lawsuit on Monday in New Jersey Superior Court against PennEast Pipeline claiming surveyors have illegally trespassed on private property to conduct surveys–against the wishes of said radicals, some of whom happen to be landowners in the path of the proposed pipeline. PennEast Pipeline is a $1 billion, 118-mile pipeline project that will run from near Wilkes-Barre, PA to near Trenton, NJ. The two groups behind this latest sleazy lawsuit are Homeowners Against Land Taking – PennEast Inc. (HALT PennEast) and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. There’s nothing like a good lawsuit to drive more donations. “Help! We’re David and we’re suing Goliath. We need YOUR money.” Pathetic. PennEast has responded that the claims of trespassing to survey are (our words) horse manure. PennEast checks carefully before entering a property to survey. The pipeline company said when they get a copy of the frivolous lawsuit they will mount a vigorous defense. The radicals just may have bitten off more than they can chew this time…

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