Trump’s Energy Speech Hits a Home Run: Regulate Less, Drill More

TrumpLast week presidential candidate Donald Trump gave a speech on energy and energy policies at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismark, North Dakota. By all accounts, Trump hit the ball out of the park. Before a crowd of some 7,000 people, Trump delighted the audience with a pretty simple message: cut back on regulations that choke America’s exploration and production of energy–and frack a lot more. Which is contrary to “crooked Hillary’s” vision of enacting new regulations to the point that fracking will be banned (see A President Hillary Clinton Would Ban Most Fracking). Trump addressed a variety of issues, including the now-canceled Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada. Trump said he would ask TransCanada to refile its application once he’s president–however, he also said America will keep part of the profits from the pipeline. You have to love a businessman like Trump! So practical and smart. Below are a couple of reports about the speech, to give you the highlights, followed by a video of the full, 44-minute speech itself…

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