EPA’s SAB Says Draft Fracking Report OK with Some ‘Splainin

Lucy-you-have-some-splainin-to-doLast December we asked the question: Will EPA Whore Itself to Antis and Change Fracking Water Study?. The answer at the time appeared to be “yes.” As we stated in December, the one great, huge, towering problem that anti-drillers have is that there is no scientific evidence that supports their wild claims that fracking contaminates water–which is their favorite lie to spread. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arrived at the same conclusion–that fracking doesn’t pollute water–after four years of studying it, that really took the wind out of the sails of rabid fossil fuel haters (see EPA Draft Report Says Fracking Doesn’t Pollute Groundwater Supplies). So the EPA set about to “fix” the “problem” by using a small committee of people, called the Science Advisory Board (SAB), to change the results of their original findings (see EPA Science Advisory Board Engaging in Fraud re Fracking Study). In a small ray of light, 5 of the 31 people on SAB don’t want to engage in fraud by changing the language of EPA’s original study (see 5 Members of Internal EPA Committee Think Fracking Study Correct). Perhaps the ray of light is growing brighter. The SAB met earlier this week to kick around proposed language and changes to the original EPA draft study. Surprisingly, the SAB agreed that “no significant changes were needed” in the original report. They do, however, want to add some “explanatory quantification” to justify the statement in the original report that there is no “widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water from fracking (the original report’s conclusion that still drives the antis bonkers). So the question becomes, what extra explanatory language will the SAB add to ‘splain what is meant?…

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