Exxon Fights Back Against Mass. AG’s Illegal Subpoena

hyenaMassachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, New York AG Eric Schneiderman and several other Democrat AGs have ganged up like a pack a hyenas with saliva dripping from their legal fangs at the prospect of bringing down one of the biggest preys imaginable–Exxon Mobil. Healey, Schneiderman and others are making fantastical claims that Exxon “knew” that burning their evil, filthy, nasty oil and natural gas is causing Mom Earth to warm up, so they’ve been serving subpoenas to Exxon to turn over ever piece of communication the company has ever had, so they can build a case against Exxon’s free speech (see NY AG Targets/Accuses ExxonMobil of Lying about ‘Climate Change’). As we’ve previously written, these far-out libs represent the rise of the new Enviro Nazis (see Rise of the New (Environmental) Nazis – Free Speech Under Attack). The legal hyenas believe they could bring down the “beast”–stealing Exxon’s money and redistributing it to voters who will keep them in office forever. Just one little problem: Exxon isn’t playing along. The beast is not wilting, not running, not willing to give up and give in, like the legal hyenas thought it would. In fact, the beast is fighting back…

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