No Wonder UK is Leaving EU – Germany to Ban Fracking Indefinitely

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel – Germany’s inept Chancellor

Yes, EVERYBODY is talking about the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote–the vote to leave the European Union. Frankly, we didn’t think our British friends had the spine to do it. We’re pleased they do (have the spine) and did (vote to exit). Have no fear, the financial markets are not going to melt down. The world is not coming to an end–well, maybe the Utopian “borderless” world advocated by elitist snobs has just come to an end. The question is, Why did 52% of Brits vote to leave the EU? Most of the reason seems to be opposition to illegal aliens flooding into the country unchecked–because those illegals are pouring over the borders (actually invited into) countries like Germany first. The Brits have also grown tired of being dictated to by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Aside from Obama, Merkel is the worst, most inept leader of any Western country. Here’s an example of her ineptness: Merkel previously advocated and got passed a fracking ban (for shale wells) in Germany until 2021. She’s just won support to make Germany’s frack ban permanent, “until further notice.” No wonder the Brits want out of an alliance headed by a dolt like Merkel…

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