Proposed NatGas Gross Receipts Tax Targets PA Low-Income Earners

Wolf taxesMDN has previously reported on efforts in Pennsylvania to substitute a so-called “gross receipts tax” (GRT) on natural gas for a severance tax as a way to raise millions of dollars for Democrats’ voracious appetite to spend money (see Ploy to Rename PA Severance Tax as “Gross Receipts” Tax and More on PA’s Potential Gross Receipts Tax on NatGas). A GRT taxes the use of natural gas, instead of the production. LibDems would have you believe Big Oil companies and Big Utility companies will bear the brunt of such a tax. Not so. As the Commonwealth Foundation lays out in a recent post, the brunt of such a tax would be borne by low-income families who heat their homes with natural gas. People who heat with natural gas will end up paying the tax because taxes are always paid by consumers and not corporations (the costs are ALWAYS passed on). Here’s a look at how the little guy will get screwed once again if the Dems in PA get their way…

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