Anti-Drilling Radicals Push Frack Ban in Virginia

Groundhog DayVirginia doesn’t have the Marcellus/Utica under it–at least not very much. But Virginia does have another shale layer–the Taylorsville. We commented back in 2014 that the state is inching closer to allowing fracking in the Taylorsville and other potential basins (see Virginia Inches Closer to Shale Drilling in Taylorsville Basin). They’re still inching–and it’s not going very fast. Anti-drilling radicals have risen up to oppose anything to do with shale in the state. One such radical is King George County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Ruby Brabo. Ruby is agitating against drilling. She’s traveling all over Hades’ half acre to try and figure out how she can import frack bans in King George County. She’s being supported in her efforts by the odious nutters of the Sierra Club. A local anti-drilling reporter in Ruby’s area, Cathy Dyson, serves as Ruby’s media shill, lionizing her idol in a recent article…

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