New Study Says Shale Gas Killed King Coal, Not Obama Regulations

old-king-coalThe refrain is growing louder. In the past couple of weeks MDN editor Jim Willis has heard that Obama’s EPA regulations haven’t killed the coal industry–it was lowly natural gas that slipped in with a knife and did the dirty deed. We first heard that at the recent Benposium East event (see today’s story for Jim’s notes from that event), and also from Our Dear Leader himself, BHO (see Obama and Man-Child Leo DiCaprio Talk Global Warming at WH Event). When you start hearing the same thing from multiple sources within a short period of time, it always makes us suspect there’s collusion going on. In addition to those high-profile comments, we now get “research” from Case Western Reserve University that purports to prove the same thing: natural gas killed coal, not hyper-restrictive regulations from the Obama EPA. The research shows that the price of natural gas has been cheaper than coal for an extended period of time, and correlates to a switching from coal to natgas, ergo (the researchers say) it was really natgas after all and not Obama’s insane regulations that killed old King Coal…

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