Philly Approves New Power Plant as Antis Throw Temper Tantrum

crybabyTurns out anti-fossil fuel protesters, behaving like the petulant children they are, couldn’t stop the adults in the room last night in Philadelphia. You may recall we told you yesterday that wackos from a fringe-left group called 350 Philadelphia threatened to “swarm” a meeting of SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) where a vote was scheduled on a plan to build a Marcellus gas-powered electric plant that would provide electricity to SEPTA’s northern Regional Rail lines (see Antis Plan to Shut Down Philly Transit Meeting re NatGas Powergen). The plan would mean lower carbon and other pollution, but because the fuel for the electric plant is Marcellus Shale gas, the wackos objected. It’s (gasp) a “fossil fuel.” Last night about 50 crazies showed up and began shouting like spoiled rotten children, to try and drown out the vote. But the vote was taken, and the plan to build the power plant was approved–unanimously…

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