Report: What if Fracking was Banned, as Hillary Wants?

Chamber of CommerceThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently launched a “What If…?” series to counter the radical “keep it in the ground” movement–a movement that irrationally hates the use of fossil fuels. In August the Chamber released their first such report, titled “What If…Energy Production was Banned on Federal Lands and Waters?” (see Chamber Report Details Why ‘Keep it in the Ground’ a Disaster). In Sept. they released their second report (see Report: What If America’s Energy Renaissance Never Happened?). In Oct. they released the third report (see Report: What If the U.S. was Forced to Pay EU Energy Prices?). Last Friday the Chamber released the fourth report in the series, very timely considering the election tomorrow. The newest in the series is titled, “What If…Hydraulic Fracturing Was Banned?” (full copy below). Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, that’s a very real possibility. Clinton said during the Democratic debates not many months ago: “By the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place” (see A President Hillary Clinton Would Ban Most Fracking). Either she didn’t really mean what she said and she lied, or she did mean it. We tend to think it’s the later. So what would happen if fracking were essentially banned nationwide? According to research by the Chamber, by 2022 the country would lose 15 million jobs now created by fracking (in addition to the 94 million workers without jobs now), and everyone would pay twice (or more) than they do now for electric & gasoline. Not a pretty picture…

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